Introducing Joanna Chanis: an oracle of insight, an illuminator of knowledge, a catalyst of motivation, and a source of boundless inspiration. Through her unique empowering approach, Joanna captivates audiences with a vibrant energy, unveiling a trove of tangible strategies, techniques, and resources that enrich every facet of life, for personal and professional realms to flourish.


Elevate Your Experience with an Empowering Voice

Empowerment through Engaging Discourse

women's conferences

Joanna's presence is a transformative experience, where wisdom resonates with authenticity. She fearlessly engages her audience, igniting a fire of motivation that endures long after her words fade.

Joanna Chanis is the perfect choice for a diverse array of events that seek to empower, including: 

Leadership Events

Spiritual Retreats

Universities and Schools

Harness the power of inspiration to elevate women's journeys to remarkable heights.

Infuse leadership endeavors with fresh perspectives that foster innovation and growth.

Enrich spiritual quests with insights that break boundaries to profound personal transformation.

Equip academic institutions with the tools to cultivate holistic development and success.

Student Leadership Conferences

Personal Development

Professional Development

Ignite the potential of emerging leaders, nurturing their abilities to drive positive change.

Provide the blueprint for individuals to create lives of meaning, purpose, and empowerment.

Elevate organizations by providing their workforce with the mindset and tools to excel.








Enhance your event with a transformative experience.

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success stories

"Showcase Cinemas has worked with Joanna Chanis during the past year to train and transform three former theater operational staff members into event sales people for our growing Group Sales department. Throughout the engagement, Joanna has been a hands-on sales coach, mentor, role model, motivator and educator – literally transforming the way these employees think, present and process in-bound and out-bound sales transactions. This team now effectively works with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients and, after one year of training, is the cornerstone of a profitable growth engine within our company. I highly recommend working with Joanna for this type of long- and/or short-term project."

mark malinowski | vp of global marketing

"I had the privilege of seeing Joanna's keynote this past weekend at the Soul Awakening event in the Seaport and I just loved her ability to connect on a deep and personal level, all while weaving in humor to create a truly engaging and impactful experience. She spoke directly to our hopes, and aspirations and left us feeling inspired and empowered to take action in our own lives and careers."

kerrie genes | CEO

“I was stressed and feeling very low when I started working with Joanna. She quickly helped me to get clear on the major career change I wanted to make, as well as regain my confidence to find and pursue the best opportunities out there. With her support I stayed focused on my goals and it led to not one, but two offers with amazing companies. This is a life changing outcome that I never would have achieved without her!”

anonymous | corporate executive

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